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Sounds like you are marked as a bot, try contacting support
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Mon Jul 20 2020, 11:35PM
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Joined: Wed Apr 29 2020, 07:29PM
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Sounds like you are marked as a bot, try contacting support.Didn't know when you're flagged you can not loot anymore. Unless OP botted and arrived back to no loot and was on a bot world. Member world, normal. I moved in this year. My premise is some thing is to maintain botters from bailing once it gets prohibited, using it and getting a hacked account. They saw a different IP than I utilized over one year ago and it flagged me for a moment. This afternoon killed a bear and got loot. Drops every kill.

Do you use a plugin along with runelite? Assess if your stuff is being hidden. I was not at that moment. I downloaded and went Runelite along with the issue persisted. When I attempted to login 17, it seems to have resolved itself. My guess is there is something set to prevent botters utilizing and hacking accounts for a day since the account had been active in over a year and bailing. A few of those drop loot, and a few could be from things that are other that are weird. Try out world hopping and murdering a guard in fally/varrock. If you are still becoming 0 something is def wrong.Distribution of Combat XP of the top 2,000,000 OSRS RuneScape players in each stat

What compels someone to examine something? It is like the subreddit is that the Salty Spitoon and people are attempting to prove how tough they are. Stat circlejerks on the sub. I've heard the assertion a lot that 80+ is midgame content for combat. That is not true if nobody beneath the 2M played with RuneScape. Less than a thousand RuneScape players may wear barrows armor let alone have 80 in most battle stats. I like researching IRL trends and it's a little similar here so you may make inferences concerning the health and potential of this OSRS community based on how people's stats have been distributed. A glut of individuals at a rise and high levels up to those level would suggest there's not a great deal of new people getting into RuneScape and productive material polls are preaching into an aging and existing choir.

The inferences would create somewhat bit more sense if I knew how many accounts occur in Old School or if the Hiscores filtered inactive RuneScape players but that is the best I've got with the data Jagex openly provides. Because xp isn't trained by accounts and you can't tell activity from this supply, when compared with real life demographics is accurate. And how/why does that information suggest not a lot of men and women are getting into RuneScape? Curious, ty. The glut is hypothetical. I don't think there is such a glut at RuneScape at the moment. Maybe I'll pull the hiscores and compare the two.

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