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Point 1v1 tent and case was my Rim badge has never proven worthless
Moderators: Monty Burns
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Mon Jul 20 2020, 11:36PM
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Joined: Wed Apr 29 2020, 07:29PM
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Point 1v1 tent and case was my Rim badge has never proven worthless. I had been getting 8 or 12 blocks per match grading out each and every matchup I stumbled upon before the gpu came to NBA 2K20 to conduct everything on two distinct occasions that the computer player had been blocked two times gotten 2 offensive rebounds and the green lit some crap fade away NBA 2K20 gave since you can't possibly enable the player to miss three times in a row? One of them happened to be in a game id been playing for 20 minutes because I'm a rim protecter.

The rebounding badge is superior by most accounts. At the minimum 2K should allow me to alter my badge that is expansive one time. Just staying on your feet with hands up will allow you to discontinue some 50 percent of the shots you face unless of course they're performing a layup which goes for 3 percent contest... or they are performing a hipster or a euro step that you go running by them rather than stopping in place. (Do not get me started) Once I block a shot the offence gets the ball with fantastic regularity at least 75% of the time probably more but 75% realistically, in most cases this puts me far from position and permits the crime a better chance typically a three pointer since the defense collapses to get a dip or broke away to transition crime. Because something needs to be said That is absolutely a rant.

The cartoon for a big for me is when after the shooter the ball is sliding on the rim for a few moments but you can see that it is likely to be a miss. You have better positioning, jump punctually to find the rebound and NBA 2K20 makes you jump backward, almost like some forcefield is pushing you from the rim, resulting in you missing the ball completely and your opponent getting the rally.

They should fix the putback system that it had been ideal on 2K17 if the defender jumps early why does 2K give them the advantage here the player with the ball ought to produce the layup. Straightforward. The past 3 games have been terrible and I'm pretty sure 2K20 is the new 2K13 in meaning they will only re release NBA 2K20 for more reason the new consoles are coming out. Either that or they eventually just recycle the games that are good and reuse people for years. Knowing 2K they will certainly have a 2K16 match on the new consoles and 2K19 for the 3rd year a row on the present gen.

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