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My green mums came by accident before I started breeding
Moderators: Monty Burns
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Tue Sep 15 2020, 02:56AM
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Joined: Tue Sep 15 2020, 02:50AM
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Separate the brand new hybrid yellow mums and strain them together to create the exceptional purple mums. These mums will have the red and yellowish DNA.

Separate the new hybrid mums and strain them together to make green.

Be sure that the purple mums are out of literary (Hybrid) and not from White mums... I made the mistake of mixing my Purple mums from both sources and needed to redo, but once you have the appropriate purple you can get Green quite fast (also possible to breed straight from Hybrid yellow).

For Blue Rose I followed the easy 4-step method (maybe not the 9-step which looked way too complicated) and it took about 6 weeks for the first one which I summoned.... Have not gotten any more out of my first 4-step flower beds however, the cloned ones are replicating quite fast. (I had to redo the rose method as I formerly followed some incorrect breeding graph )

Keep at it you'll get them!

My green mums came by accident before I started breeding but that I haven't been able to get a damn orange hyacinth to save my life!

Diagonal should work also! They just have to be touching:-RRB- try isolating every pair to be certain two reds or 2 yellows aren't accidentally breeding.

I have about 50 or so red hybrids if you'd like them!! Roses were my native blossom, so I went completely ham on these lol

I'm just a blue rose away. I'm just waiting on my yellow and pink combos to produce a red and then clone it and wait for that sweet sweet 1 percent chance. I'm intentionally not performing any method that needs testing.

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