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Although coordinators do have an impact on these areas in real-life
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Sat Aug 21 2021, 04:32AM
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Although coordinators do have an impact on these areas in real-life, their primary task is playing-calling. The same won't be the case in the game.

The screenshot shows Matt Nagy has an offensive and defensive playbook. If the Bears made a change in their defensive coordinator, it will likely not affect their defensive scheme. The possibility that a team's plan could be altered due to staff sackings or hirings would be nice touch and add diversification to the user's experience.

It's difficult to accurately capture the game-planning elements of football in an accurate way. It's therefore difficult to be able to blame Madden designers for choosing a system with in-game attribute boosters for specific types of play.

However, a solid strategy doesn't always improve a player's performance in certain aspects of the game; rather, it places that player in situations that make his job easier by making play-calls. If my top corner can't defend their best receiver and it doesn't matter how much we pay attention to man coverage that week, we're not going to be able to play a whole lot of Cover 1.

One way to make that happen more realistically might be forcing users to narrow down the kinds of formations and plays they have to choose from in a given game. In other words, if you're playing against a team can defend the inside zone You might choose to play more outside zone run plays to play the game.

This could be a strategy to enhance the effectiveness of your coaching team. A better-rated coordinator could enable you to incorporate more plays into the game plan each week. If you have a poor-rated assistant, it could hinder your play-calling choices.
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