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Madden NFL 22 rating uncovered for Eagles' QB Jalen Hurts
Moderators: Monty Burns
Author Post
Thu Dec 16 2021, 01:53AM
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Joined: Thu Dec 16 2021, 01:21AM
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The answer we found is that Madden ratings -- at the very least, those we have looked at are very good. Madden's speed score is the best illustration. In most places, the most significant feature of Madden NFL is how quickly players can move, so it's likely that the Madden rating team to put a lot of work into getting their speed scores correct. That's what we observed.

We collected data that included maximum speeds for players in their careers as well as the previous year's average max speed per game, as well as the current annual average max speed for each game, and combined 40-yard dash times and fed the results into a multilevel model1 in order to forecast the Week nine Madden Speed Scores and had moderate success. Based on our findings, Madden game developers aren't only employing 40-second times (which do not exist for the majority of teams in the league) to score players; they're also taking advantage of the of the league's Next Gen Stats tracking data in some way to create their own ratings.

They're being smart about it and smart about it, too. From the model as well as from conversations with a source at EA The Madden rating team weighs current-year speeds more heavily than in the past, and the model indicates that tight end players get the biggest score boost in comparison to their counterparts, and are closely followed by quarterbacks.

There's no doubt that there are opinions embedded in the scores too because a quantitative approach can't explain all the results given by EA. This shouldn't surprise anyone. Madden is known for its erratic ratings. Madden team's also famous for changing ratings if there is a public outcry that is adequate: In 2011, Madden modified Keenan Allen's ratings following the Chargers receiver announced he would be not playing due to his low numbers.

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