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Thread: CPU & Graphics card functionality (Futurama) Posted on 21 Aug : 20:58

CPU & Graphics card functionality will still be the number one variable, as it consistently been, and the 3080 is rumoured to be 50% faster then the 2080, which is TRULY Next Gen. Well, for one thing it will be able to render everything in your field of vision immediately. This allows to render anything not in you field of vision for them and free up those resources for any number of applications. This means that you can literally design NBA 2K21 not just in appearence, but in function. Games need to load assets all at one time, even if these resources are not being used.

I am not going to keep describing things that can readily be found using Google so that you can keep arguing your view. So what this tech concerning gaming features will features what now, that cant be done in an PC, is it possible to give an example? It boils down to images? You are currently telling me that an next gen console will have better images then another gen PC? I mean what features would you anticipate that wouldnt managed to been done on an PC, in NBA2k21 following gen version? Is copying. People even hyped mobile phone gambling as being the future of gaming not so long ago.

Having a badge destroys badges' point

I think it should be a badge for bigs. Almost every large in the league besides Kristaps has a set jumper. Turner, towns, Bertans, olynyk. To list a few that take fast and are shooters. Towns includes a set shot. They shoot wide shots for the most part, although olynyk and turner do not shoot slow. Bertans is 6'if he had been a myplayer that his jumper would not happen to be slowed. See what they dont understand is that a set shot may nevertheless be quick.look at cities or aldridge irl. What people despised were 7'3 bigs jumping 5 feet in the air its hard to contest.

The thing about that whole thing is that WE the player don't need to be. Therefore that the argument that says 90% of bigs today have put shots except porzingus, goes out the window. They all can be porzingus if players want. Provided that there is that one player out the normal, any or every participant could be that outstanding player if they would like to. Many KD gamers are from the league? Nevertheless in alot of gamers proved to be a 6'10 point ahead. 2k can never limit a build as long as a actually nba player is breaking that barrier.

It's about balance. If they allow everyone create an all around stud build, sure. But you can't actually make so that argument does not hold water, a build like KD. If you produce a 6'10" point forward, he will not be as fit as KD because you had to sacrifice athleticism for the height. Since you sacrificed some of the for the ball managing, he won't take quite like KD. He won't play defense or end like KD since you chose to place the majority of your points into ball handling and shooting, or because you forfeited wingspan to get his shot closer to KD's. Bigs should not have to be elite at shooting AND something else since we are all glorified job players.

Back in 2k17 a 6'10 powerforward may play like KD since, exactly like in recent 2ks, you dont need high features to perform well. Expecially with 2k17, you might have every badge but it will be about bronze. My argument was against nerfing assembles simply because gamers in real life do not perform just like what they do in NBA 2K21, or that there isn't many players in today's nba that plays like a 2k stretch big. That is a plot hole because there is always likely to be a participant, in actual life, which breaks the barrier to some point it impacts 2k gameplay. Stating that bigs should have put shots make sense.

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Thread: Simply put, sticking to the existing programs (The Simpsons) Posted on 21 Aug : 20:56

Simply put, sticking to the existing programs we had just would not work for us developers or you as players - the gaps on those larger parts of articles would be far bigger than anyone would love to see. Instead, the team took the initiative and accommodated our strategy to the reduced capacity. What this new strategy does is decrease the opportunity of significant gaps between additive content, with a goal of delivering on a monthly cadence once we can. The team are throwing themselves in this particular challenge and working super hard to make that happen. Honestly, I'm pretty excited about the plans as a participant.

This came across as quite PR"The team are throwing themselves in this challenge". We know things have affected. At the period that Archaeology and PVM hub were getting prepared for launch, there must have been others working on something else since the beginning of the year that many would have expected to be getting ready for release a month or two later archaeology, but there hasn't. Working from house occurred and for me I got next to nothing done for the very first month as a result of technical problems.

However, it got better and by the 3rd month I was back up to full speed, possibly even more effective than working in the office since there wasn't any annoying meetings and beurocracy taking up time. So after 3 weeks of working from home, there's one update almost ready. There's still something incorrect. Some individuals will get it worse than others due to family etc. However, by this stage technical issues must be sorted out. Jagex should be providing employees if this can be a long term thing, to perform their job. When it comes to working from home the games and tech business ought to be among the most suitable sectors.

Adapting the approach to the decreased capacity sounds similar to this daily update item is temporary until you are able to operate from the office again? Or can it be a permanent point to manage workload? What are"present plans"? Before the plans were shelved, it might have been nice to understand that these. Are these openings a 3/6/12 month gaps between? And by changing programs does this imply longer doing huge updates/expansions?

Honestly, I am fine with that if it did seem a little PR'y since they're throwing themselves to be fair. A staff actively look to respond and find opportunity in a situation that impacts production output is quite rare in my experience. It would have been simpler from a development perspective to stay the course and only accept the slower delivery cadence - and lots of teams would pick that choice and throw out the COVID justification.

Talking for this asa witness, pivoting direction is no small endeavor. There is a huge knock on in numerous places - brainstorms upon brainstorms, scoping, reformatting teams, working out the way to make meaningful content on smaller timeframes and so forth. That takes time, work and a lot of coordination - then you have to go perform on it. But the hope is that this is the right way to visit deliver content and prevent big gaps.

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