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Re: Naruto (Everything Else...) Posted on 29 Aug : 18:21
yeah, in forums everybody should try to make it for people to read i dont like to use ' . capitals, or stuff like that i just try to make it readable
Re: FC Exchange (General Talk) Posted on 25 Aug : 11:06
yes, and some wii games, but sometimes i dont have wifi on, just the dial up like now...
Re: Naruto (Everything Else...) Posted on 24 Aug : 14:12
I like the Shippuden better. I wish they kept the game that way, and it does load fast here, on YouYube. I don't even have to pause and wait for it to load!
Re: Make the Game! (Archive) Posted on 24 Aug : 14:05
do you mean an forum rpg, like this:

Member1 wrote ...
As Homer walked into the store he picked up some doughts. He put some money and the counter and sat to eat.

Member2 wrote ...
Aupu (SP?) then said "You didn't pay it all!"

Member1 wrote ...
"Shut up loser!"
Thread: FC Exchange (General Talk) Posted on 24 Aug : 10:07
This is a topic for exchanging friend codes, like for online games, and Wii Numbers too, here are the WiFi games I own:

Mario Kart DS (brother is borrowing)
Pokemon Diamond
Digimon World DS
Pokemon Battle Revolution
Mario Strikers Charged

I own more games, but they are not wifi. i feel like playing on wifi now...
Re: Under New Management (Talk about the site here.) Posted on 24 Aug : 09:59
*claps* congrats! i think we should get some smilies, sometime i make them, but not that good: (do img tags work?)
Re: Change forum from e107 to phpbb? (Talk about the site here.) Posted on 24 Aug : 09:53
maybe upgrade?
will it be offline? i hope not... not like last time...
Re: New Forum Categories (Talk about the site here.) Posted on 24 Aug : 09:50
yeah, i was watching it last night, the one where bobby makes the drugs, she used him!
Re: Wrestling fans. (Everything Else...) Posted on 24 Aug : 09:46
yeah, i was watch nbc, and yeah, as long as its not on cable, ill watch it!

WHO IS mcman's illegitimate son?
Re: 101 Ways To Kill a Noob (General Talk) Posted on 23 Aug : 19:16
*chews* what we were supposed to kill them? *continues chewing n00b sandwich*
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