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2K21 MyTeam Starting Advice
Moderators: Monty Burns
Author Post
Mon Aug 24 2020, 04:32AM
Registered Member #131775
Joined: Mon Aug 24 2020, 04:22AM
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All these are great changes even when I dont agree with a few but as a whole they good. With 10 I would like to see penalties for repeated offenses. Like half a letter grade for 3 at the key maybe a whole one if its offense. Or even selling on shield to stop the bullshit some randoms do to screw up NBA 2K21. I'm fine with different jumpers with different release factors. I believe they have to all have the exact same green window and make percentage. Yeah some of suggestions and the complaints that I see are ridiculous. But I thought like a poll type system. They don't necessarily need to make a change if it is like 60/40 but if the overwhelming majority agrees then it can help 2K.

So no difficulty getting at PDs to feel aggressive and kinda jump the entire year long power curve, I came into MT this year at quarantine. This year I believe I'll be jumping in a little was interested in some advice about how ways to start out. I have a very long standing FUT history in terms of getting going in an ultimate group setting but NBA 2K21 and one are vastly different in terms of what you do to get players and things you want. What can you try to do if you are not spending? Hit stuff such as TTOff and Dom to get tokens and things from the bat? I would like to stick to not sniping and game stuff and materials.

If I will sit on filters I would hit up that on FIFA since I can do this something 2K doesn't subscribe to. Yeah pretty much, do domination, should they follow exactly what they did this season you'll end up with some good emeralds/saphires, TT Offline will provide you a few adequate rewards and you'll make adequate MT throughout. They may do the spotlight struggles again so if that is a thing do that once you build up a MT amount.

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