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It's now common that players compete on the stage
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Thu Sep 23 2021, 11:33PM
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It's now common that players compete on the stage and play with virtual money in these kinds of matches. The MyCourt does not have a specific purpose. I like the idea of the MyCourt being used as a venue for Pro-Am teams to train or relax. Pro-Am is a crucial component of 2K and has grown more significant with the rise of eSports. MyCourt could be a venue where teams can play games and discuss chemistry issues.

Player Creation Menu - the creation menu for MyPlayers is pretty sparse. Only a few options are available for skin color, eye shape, or lips. I would like to have more options available in the creator suite. I would like to make my character distinct from the rest of the crowd. Female MyPlayers: The WNBA was able to make it into NBA 2K last season, and it did a great job. It was refreshing to play with totally different teams. The success of the WNBA can be a basis for my next suggestion.

There should be an option to create women's MyPlayer with the unique Career mode story. 2K Sports could write a story in which a female college basketball player makes it into the WNBA. A second MyCareer story could keep the game fresh for longer since there's more content for viewers. 2K Sports could refine their storytelling with this model. 2K Sports tend to be fast-paced with their game's plot and major themes. A WNBA story offers the chance to experiment with different ideas without being preachy and condescending.

It is possible to tell a tale of a female athlete fighting difficulties without being smug or misleading. It's a well-known story for most female athletes. Animations - The gameplay in NBA 2K is solid. It's enjoyable and challenging if you choose the difficulty level right. However, 2K has suffered from broken animations and glitches for a number of years. This issue has plagued the game for at least three years, and broken animations can be extremely difficult to play.

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