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Thread: It's now common that players compete on the stage (Discuss Earthland Realms (The Episode)) Posted on 23 Sep : 23:33

It's now common that players compete on the stage and play with virtual money in these kinds of matches. The MyCourt does not have a specific purpose. I like the idea of the MyCourt being used as a venue for Pro-Am teams to train or relax. Pro-Am is a crucial component of 2K and has grown more significant with the rise of eSports. MyCourt could be a venue where teams can play games and discuss chemistry issues.

Player Creation Menu - the creation menu for MyPlayers is pretty sparse. Only a few options are available for skin color, eye shape, or lips. I would like to have more options available in the creator suite. I would like to make my character distinct from the rest of the crowd. Female MyPlayers: The WNBA was able to make it into NBA 2K last season, and it did a great job. It was refreshing to play with totally different teams. The success of the WNBA can be a basis for my next suggestion.

There should be an option to create women's MyPlayer with the unique Career mode story. 2K Sports could write a story in which a female college basketball player makes it into the WNBA. A second MyCareer story could keep the game fresh for longer since there's more content for viewers. 2K Sports could refine their storytelling with this model. 2K Sports tend to be fast-paced with their game's plot and major themes. A WNBA story offers the chance to experiment with different ideas without being preachy and condescending.

It is possible to tell a tale of a female athlete fighting difficulties without being smug or misleading. It's a well-known story for most female athletes. Animations - The gameplay in NBA 2K is solid. It's enjoyable and challenging if you choose the difficulty level right. However, 2K has suffered from broken animations and glitches for a number of years. This issue has plagued the game for at least three years, and broken animations can be extremely difficult to play.

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Thread: Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill was left out of Madden ratings (Discuss Earthland Realms (The Episode)) Posted on 23 Sep : 23:32

Kelce, along with Aaron Donald, Rams pass rusher Kelce, along with Aaron Donovan, Rams pass rusher Devante Adams, Packers pass catcher, returned to the 99-yard line after his remarkable season (1,416 yards, 11 touchdowns), which led to Kansas City reach the Super Bowl.

Kittle is the clear second-best TE Kittle, and Waller who played in a couple of horrendous games with the Raiders make up the top three. Super Bowl champ Rob Gronkowski is noteworthy as the seventh-ranked tight end, scoring an score of 86. Dallas Goedert's score of 84 rounds out the top 10.

Tyreek Hill has a pretty good rating in Madden 22 but the Kansas City Chiefs star could get a higher rating.

There aren't many wide receivers in the NFL that are as efficient as Tyreek Hill has been for the Kansas City Chiefs. The wide receiver with the most power is frequently involved in games that delight fans and amaze opponents' defensive backs.

Hill who is 5-10 inches tall and weighs in at 185 pounds isn't an enormous potential target. But, Hill is an extremely active player and is able to score in almost any game.

Hill is consistently one the most efficient wide receivers of the NFL each week however EA Sports didn't give him a 99 overall rating for Madden 22.

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Thread: Will skills be considered a part of normal gameplay or do (Discuss Earthland Realms (The Episode)) Posted on 23 Sep : 23:32

Would be more if i played with a higher level of. I used 76 of the dung. I got to 79.5. To see how much xp was to dung, we would have determine the difference in xp between 76 and 79.5. I was getting about 7.5k per medium lamp. A medium lamp on 99 costs 17k. There would have been much more xp gain when I applied it to an advanced level skill.

Also, I noticed that 50k stats appear once you have collected all pieces of the guard or dragon. (Up until the point that i was doing 400 spins, i did not see any over 5k except the rare 10m reward). This makes me believe that you won't get 500k reward points until you have both sets. Since you can't receive doubles on items from the same set, you stand an increased chance of getting god and divine swords. Do I suggest this? Do I recommend it. It will run you about 1300-1600 for a 99. Get like 1.5m Gp or 1m xp at $100. Not worth it.

Just a quick poll. I'm sure that most users find the Yelp of Irritation buying spins annoying But what do you think about it affecting new players? Or will they view it as part of their game? It makes things less interesting for people who are familiar with the game, but it could be a problem for those who have been there.

Will skills be considered a part of normal gameplay or do they feel like they are being discarded? I am honestly unsure whether this is a concern for novice players. Perhaps it's an advantage for them that grinding can be removed every now and then for a little extra money. Do you think that this will reduce the quality of their the skills of those who grind once everything is leveled and everyone has paid their initial cash?

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