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In Earthland Realms, you are in command of an army of either Humans, Ogres, Dwarves, Elves, Wizards or Orcs. The aim of the game is to achieve the highest overall ranking - worked out by taking a combination of your attack, defence, and covert (spy) rankings - whoever has the lowest combined ranking will be 1st in the overall rankings. This makes it important to keep your army evenly balanced in all these areas.

To build up your attack and defence strength, you can (a) recruit and train soldiers, (b) hire mercenaries, and (c) buy weaponry. To recruit soldiers you must have people click on your unique link (you can find this in your Command Center). Each time you recruit an additional soldier, your attack and defence strength will increase slightly, as will the amount of gold you receive per turn.

In addition to those soldiers generated by unique link clicks, once a day you will recruit a number of soldiers determined by your current 'unit production' value. This value can be upgraded on the Training page.

To train your soldiers, you use the Training page. Soldiers can be trained to be specialists in either attack or defence - whichever you choose, they will boost that ranking further, while ceasing to contribute to the other ranking. You can also train soldiers to become spies, which will be discussed in more detail later. In this case they cease to contribute to your attack/defence strength and the amount of gold you get per turn, as instead they are being kept in readiness for any covert missions you may choose to send them on.

You can hire mercenaries on the Mercenaries page. Mercenaries contribute to your attack or defence strength, but do not contribute to the amount of gold you gain each turn.

Weaponry can be purchased (and repaired, sold or scrapped) on the Armory page. There are various weapons available for both attacking and defending, becoming increasingly expensive as they become more effective. The exact strength of each weapon in your armory is dependent upon both its state of repair (weapons become damaged during battles and must be repaired to remain fully effective), and also your level of siege technology and fortifications. Higher levels of siege technology and fortifications raise the strength of every single weapon you possess, so they are well worth upgrading.

Your other ranking, Covert Action, can be raised in two ways. The first is to train spies as mentioned earlier. Every spy you train increases your covert strength, and therefore helps you move up the covert ranking. The other way to increase your covert strength is to upgrade the skill level of your spies. Both training spies and upgrading their skill level can be done on the Training page.

Each race in Earthland Realms has a particular area in which they excel. These can work to your advantage in gaining higher rankings, so it is worth considering them before choosing your race:

  • Humans has an income bonus and a defend bonus.
  • Ogres has an attack bonus and a defend bonus.
  • Dwarves has a defend bonus and a covert bonus.
  • Elves has an attack bonus and a covert bonus.
  • Wizards has an income bonus and a covert bonus.
  • Orcs has an attack bonus and an income bonus.

If you are ready to start playing as commander of your own army, then click here to create an account.

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These rules can be changed at ANY time.
Please keep in mind that all accounts are closely monitored, and we do catch the cheaters.


  • Clicking on your own link
  • Clicking on your officers' links
  • Posting your link on message boards where it is allowed and is on-topic.
  • Emailing your link to your friends or sending it to them on instant messenger.
  • Having people click your link more than once (but not within 24 hours) .
  • Having an Alliance of Earthland Realms players.
  • Having your link in your AIM/MSN/ICQ etc. profile.
  • Posting your link on a personal website.


  • Attempting to Hack/Packet the server or Abusing security holes (if any).
  • ONLY ONE ACCOUNT per person. Having more than one account because you have more than one computer or because a friend registered an account and gave it to you is cheating.
  • Taking over someone elses account is not allowed.
  • Sharing passwords with other people and logging into accounts that are not yours
  • Posting your link in chat rooms, newsgroups, message boards, or forums unless it is explicitly allowed by the owner/operator of the chat room, newsgroup, message board, forum, etc..
  • E-mailing your link to people whom you do not know, or to e-mail lists or "reflectors".
  • Posting your link on a forum where it is against that forum's policies or off-topic
  • Repeatedly refreshing pages to slow the server.
  • Registering an email address that is not yours.
  • Registering multiple accounts.
  • Using link trading sites.
  • Advertising your link on adult sites.
  • Sending your link to people you do not know.
  • Sending the link to an e-mail reflector or USENET group.
  • Putting your link in popup windowss, inside any frame, or using redirects.
  • Using a script/program or ANY AUTOMATED PROCESS to automatically gain recruits.
  • Using proxy servers to generate fake hits.
  • Having an AUTOMATED PROCESS to repeatedly request pages on the server.
  • Using scripts that fetch information off the Earthland Realms website.
  • Signing up with false email addresses.


  • If you are caught doing any of the above, your account will either be suspended or terminated.
  • If you get caught trying to Hack/Packet or Abuse the server, you will be banned and your ISP will be contacted. Be warned!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the siege and fortification levels?
    We'd rather not say, and let you find out on your own =)

    What happened to all my stuff?
    A new round has begun - your weaponry and army size have been reset, as have everyone else's. Now is the time to rebuild and prove yourself better than those around you!

    Why am I losing gold and soldiers?
    You are probably being attacked. Check your attack log to see who attacked you, how many soldiers they killed and how much gold they stole from you.

    How come I'm not listed in the rankings?
    Ranks are only recalculated once every 15 minutes, so you will have to wait until rankings are generated to appear on the rankings page.

    Why doesn't my rank improve when I get more weapons?
    Ranks are only recalculated once 15 minutes, so you will have to wait to see how your ranking has been changed by upgrades or purchases.

    How much does this cost to play?
    This game is 100% free! However, players do have the option to purchase supporter-status and credits.

    Why can't I/my friends view the recruit page?
    Many AOL users cannot view our pages properly. We're sorry about the problem, and are looking into possible solutions. Until then, we recommend the Mozilla FireFox web browser.

    It's hard to get people to click my link. Is there another way to gain recruits?
    The easiest way to gain recruits is to persuade friends to click your link, but you can also upgrade your Unit Production (on the Training page), and hire mercenaries to boost your army strength.

    Why don't I ever kill any enemy soldiers?
    The bigger your army, the more casualties you are likely to suffer. Armies small enough will not usually suffer casualties because this would hurt the army much more.

    How do I change my race?
    The only way to change your race is to reset your account.

    I forgot my password, what should I do?
    Go to this page and you can get your password emailed to you.

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    On the left of every page you will find the menu, or if you aren't logged in yet you will see the Login box. If you are not logged in, enter your username, email and password here to gain access to the other areas of the site. If you do not yet have a username and password, then click on the 'Register' link under the Login box to create a new account.

    Once you have logged in and can view the main menu, you will have access to the areas of the site described below.

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    The Overview contains a synopsis of all the information about your army, including your overall rank and your attack, defence and covert rankings. It also shows your strength in each area, how much gold you should receive at the start of the next turn, information about army size and disposition, lists your officers, and shows you your unique link which you can use for recruiting.

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    The Battlefield page is a listing of all the players currently taking part in the game. It starts off on the page of players whose rank is close to your own. Using the Next and Previous links at the bottom of the page, you can move up and down the rankings looking for suitable armies to attack. To find out more about any army, click on that player's name.

    This will give you their stats page, showing their army size, how much gold they have (if your spy rating is better than theirs, and various other info. At the bottom of this page are two buttons, allowing you to either Send a Message to this player using the built-in messaging system, or to Attack them to try and take their gold.

    If you choose to Attack the player, you will be taken to another page which allows you to select various types of attack (including covert missions, both reconnaisance and sabotage), and other details about your planned attack.

    If you are planning a normal attack, you will have to specify how many attack turns you wish to use - you can see how many you have available at the top of this page. The more turns you use on one attack mission, the more gold you will take if your attack is successful - however, you will also sustain more casualties and weapon damage when using higher numbers of attack turns. You can only attack any particular player 5 times in a 24 hour period.

    If you are planning a covert mission, you will have to specify how many spies to send, and in the case of a sabotage mission you will also need to specify what kind of weaponry is to be sabotaged. The more powerful the items you are trying to sabotage, the higher your spy level will need to be. The most powerful items will often require multiple spies to sabotage one item. Sending more spies will enable you to sabotage more items, but increases your risk of being caught in the act. You can only send out a total of 50 covert missions in a 24 hour period.

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    Attack Log

    Your attack log is divided into two parts - people who have attacked you, and people you have attacked. Each part shows the 30 most recent attacks, with next/previous links for changing the view to show older attacks. Next to the basic details about each attack is a link to the full battle report, which will give more detailed information about that particular battle. Entries in the attack log will be deleted after 1 week.

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    In the Armory you will see a list of your current weaponry, along with buttons enabling you to repair it if damaged, check it for sabotage, and scrap or sell it. Underneath that is a list of all available weaponry for your army, which you can purchase items from if you have sufficient gold. At the bottom are the upgrade areas for siege technology and fortifications.

    Repairing damaged weapons is done on a per-weapon-type basis. Damage is shown as an average of how many points of strength each weapon of that type has lost. You choose how many points to repair (on all weapons of that type simultaneously), and then click the button (which will be showing you the cost per point). Note that sometimes when you buy new weaponry, the average damage shown will fall, as the new item will be at full strength, thereby reducing the average damage across all the weapons of that type.

    Checking your weapons for sabotage can be a useful precaution if you are about to stage a big attack on someone - making sure that your weapons won't fail on you at a crucial moment by testing them first in the safety of your own camp. If you do have any sabotaged weapons, your chances of finding them are depedent on (a) the skill of your own spies, and (b) a bit of luck. If you do find any sabotaged weapons, they will be removed from your inventory. Note that even if you do not find any sabotaged weapons, you will still have to pay the price shown on the button for checking for them. This option is always available - it does not indicate that your weapons have definitely been sabotaged just because you are able to check them.

    If your weapons are above 60% strength, you have the option to sell them back to the armory for an amount of money based on their state of repair. If they are undamaged, then you will receive 70% of the amount you paid for them originally. If your weapons fall beneath 60% repair, you are instead given the option to scrap them - this will enable you to discard largely ineffective weaponry and start again with new, healthy items.

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    On the training page you can see details of your troops, as well as training troops as attack or defence experts, or as spies. You can also remove attack/defence training, to allow you to reallocate troops from one category to the other. You cannot reallocate spies.

    Also on the training page are the upgrade areas for spy level and unit production. Increasing your spy level will give you a better chance of successfully spying on or sabotaging other players, and will help to protect you from other players who attempt to spy on or sabotage you. Upgrading your unit production will increase the number of men you recruit automatically once per day.

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    The Spy logs page contains two lists of information. The first is a list of any covert missions into your camp, which your own spies intercepted. This may allow you to work out who has been spying on you or sabotaging you, if some of their missions failed.

    The second list of information is the people you have spied on or sabotaged. Here you will see the number of covert missions you have launched against each person, with a link to a page containing the detailed report from each mission. Covert mission are deleted from your intelligence logs after 1 week.

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    On this page you can see the details of your current troops, and you can hire mercenaries. Mercenaries can be hired as attack specialists, defence specialists, or all-purpose troops. Once hired, they cannot be retrained. Mercenaries cannot be spies, and do not contribute to the amount of gold you receive each turn, but they do boost your attack and/or defence strength (depending on what type of training they have). Mercenaries become available for hire at the start of each turn, but their numbers are limited and so there are often none available shortly after that.

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    The Logout option on the menu will log you out from Earthland Realms. This is useful if your computer is used by more than one person, to prevent others from accessing your Earthland Realms account. If you stop using the site for a length of time, you will be automatically logged out anyway - this is to help reduce the load on the extremely busy Earthland Realms webserver.

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    The Send Message page is accessed from a user's stats page, by clicking on the Send Message button. You are then presented with a page which has areas for you to enter a subject and a message to be sent to that user.

    When someone has sent you a message in this fashion, you will notice the message indicator beneath the main menu will change to show how many new messages you have waiting for you. To read them, simply click on the red number and you will be taken to the Read Messages page. The most recent message will appear at the top of the page, with older messages beneath it in reverse order of receipt. You can use the buttons on the right to Reply to or Delete each message.

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    Armory: The place to purchase weapons.

    Army Size: The number of recruits you have. This is the number of people who have clicked your link, plus a fraction of the army size of your officers. Determines the amount of money you get each turn.

    Attack: To attack someone, you need to use between 1 and 15 attacks. The amount you use determines how much money you get if you win. You get 1 attacks every turn.

    Attack Log: A log of everyone who you have attacked recently, and anyone who has attacked you recently.

    Casualties: Normal losses suffered in the course of attacking and defending. If your army is not very big, you will probably not suffer very many casualties, if any.

    Commander: The person who's page you visited before joining, probably the person who told you about Earthland Realms.

    Dwarves: One of the races in Earthland Realms.

    Elves: One of the races in Earthland Realms.

    Fortifications: These contribute to the strength of all your defence troops and weaponry. The basic fortifications are "Camp" - they can be upgraded in the Armory.

    Gold: The basic monetary unit of Earthland Realms. Spend gold at the Armory to purchase weapons.

    Intelligence: A list of other warlords who you have spied on, or who you have intercepted spies from.

    Losses: See Casualties

    Humans: One of the races in Earthland Realms.

    Profile: An in-depth description of a warlord, showing stats useful to know when deciding whether to attack them.

    Officer: One of the people who visted your link and decided to join up. They help build your army.

    Ogres: One of the races in Earthland Realms.

    Orcs: One of the races in Earthland Realms.

    Overview: Clicking here allows you to view your own stats, including stats that are not available to everyone else.

    Race: The type of warlord someone is. There are four races: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs.

    Round: The length of the game, usually lasting a few months. Between ages, your army size, wealth, weapons and other stats will be reset, giving you a chance to change races without loosing anything. You will, however, get to keep your officers and credits.

    Sieging Technology: This contributes to the overall strength of all your attack troops and weaponry. The basic is "None" - it can be upgraded in the Armory.

    Turn: The basic unit of time in Earthland Realms. Currently 15 minutes long.

    Weapons: Purchasing weapons increases your attack and defence bonuses, which help you when you attack or defend.

    Wizards: One of the races in Earthland Realms.

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