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Round 14

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#1: $100 Amazon Card

#2: SS + 50 Credits
#3: SS

Chatbox:     Refresh

hada madrina:
10000 1000.0000

SF49 Dele:
Iíve spent 50. Dunno about mono


thanks guys

Or, you do that with any alliance leader you want. You can also go to your overview page and just type in an alliance name and just press 'update tag'.

And then about halfway down the page there'll be a bar that says "make simpsonsfreak your commander" so then you click that

Okay, so go to battlefield page 1, click on the user "simpsonsfreak&

how do you join an alliance?

13astard!!!!! LOL

Afik they keep out-doing each other in an absurd arms race that benefits no one but the admin. But I suppose that's its own type of good.

Hey, Mono and SF, how much do you guys typically spend per round? Is it less than $50 or more? I'm just curious as to how much money this game usually ends up costing.

Rise always welcomes new members.

any alliance recruiting?

any alliance recruiting?

any alliance recruiting?

Pot, meet kettle.

SF49 Dele:
Damn, mono's been spending lol

They should switch from player to player randomly, like nobody can hold onto them forever

Also, as a suggestion for next round, would there be a way to prevent players in like the top 3 from stealing them? Idk if that even makes sense, but it seems like the top statted players will always get it, unless somehow they couldn't. Or maybe they swit

This isn't even intended to be rude, but how much money do you guys usually spend on this game? Real life money

Good job MR. X!

Admin Monty:
When I added the special items I was hoping they would go back and forth and people would fight over them but the #1 player usually ends up with all of them unfortunately.

Admin Monty:
only by spying

Admin Monty:
You can steal the special items by successfully attacking or spying on whoever has them, but it can take more than one try to steal them. You can see who has the special sword/shield by looking at their stats page. You can see who has the special cloak onl

Damn, look at MR X go...

There are several ways to get those special items - and that might bring you to #1 eventually...

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